You Know You’re Having a Bad Day When….

The Legend of Greg Hood


Once upon a time there was a Fireballer in Calgary who, bored with the ways of large oil companies, undertook to become a lawyer at McGill. Greg sailed at CORK in 1990 or so with his girlfriend at the time. The girlfriend was also his insurance agent. Pay attention this is important.!

At CORK our hero met a girl who was crewing on one of the Montreal Fireballs. Coincidentally, McGill is located in Montreal. A few weeks later at Screwball, Greg shows up with the girl he met at CORK.  

Now it turns out that one of the most frequently stolen cars in Montreal at the time was the Volkswagen Rabbit. Our hero drove one. Note the past tense. The car was stolen on the first night he was in Montreal. Pay attention - this is important! Insurance claim # 1. Remember the old girlfriend….the insurance agent?

Back to Screwball. Typical Screwball weather. Cold and windy. Very windy. Our hero has no sails or rudder…they were in the car! After borrowing a rudder and some sails our hero is ready to sail. On the way out to the course Mr. Hood and his new crew capsize. After several attempts to right the boat they are tired and decide to wait for help. Some point later the crash boat locates them some distance downriver. The crew is cold and is taken to the beach. The crash boat returns and begins to rescue the capsized Fireball. In the process a rather large hole is punched into the aft tank of the boat. The mast is broken and the sails ripped. Insurance claim # 2. 

Eventually the remains are dragged into the harbor at Pointe Claire and the entire fleet is turned out to assist in getting the nearly sunk boat out of the water. Plan A is to lift the boat out of the water directly onto the trailer. Our hero observes that one of the tires is flat. Guess what? No spare….it was in the car!

Eventually a spare was located and the boat was loaded. Mr. Hood went away and was not heard from until 1998 when he surfaced as a lawyer with Nortel. And what of the boat? The boat surfaced a couple of years later. Repaired and with an old "new" mast. One can only imagine the conversations with the insurance agent/ex-girlfriend!