A Rough Night in Kingston

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This is the story of a young Laser II sailor (who shall remain nameless) who was recruited to helm a certain blood-red Fireball during the '96 Worlds in Kingston.

As the story goes, this misguided youth went out clubbing one night with Henry and GaryII. Their luck with the ladies rubbed off on this fellow, and a nice young girl took a shine to him and brought him back to her place. Well, he should have clued in to the fact that she was all dressed in black, and her room was also done in black. Things were getting pretty hot and heavy when all of a sudden a razor appeared in her hand and she said
"I want to cut your chest and suck your blood."

Well, that was a little too intense for this young sailor to handle, and out he ran into the street to escape. Realizing he was missing something, he then had to dash back in, grab his clothes, and make a second exit.

As for what appeared written on their boat the next morning (in permanent black marker)... well, you'll have to ask someone that was there.