The Kitsilano Invitational Regatta was the venue for this year’s B.C. Fireball Championships. We were optimistically hoping to get a fleet into double figures; as it happened, we did have eight crews take part, including a pair of boats each from Vancouver Island, Surrey and Jericho, and two from elsewhere.

Winds were light to moderate and very shifty from the east and south-east. Sunday had the crew out on the wire for a time. The only capsize casualty was us, due to a bit of miscommunication… we survived dipping the crew off the gunwale once too. The last two places never varied, but the middle boats did a good amount of position swapping. Rob Thompson (the Evil Doctor) was the most consistent and finished in front at the end of the day. He graciously swapped crew with Joel for the last race of the Sunday for a little impromptu training.

In fact, the highlight of the regatta for us tail-enders was the BBQ, as usual at Kits, and, even more important than food and beer, the advice and examples offered to us by the more experienced folks. Seeing the finely finished boats, including Colin’s all bright-finish beauty, was inspiring, if a trifle daunting. If we are still as slow next time after all of the sailing and rigging ideas we got, it won’t be for lack of support from Fireballers.

My crew and I sailed one of the two "new" Fireballs from Jericho –both with extensive past histories in other hands. Both of our boats spent all of their time at the back of the fleet while we spent most of our time trying to figure things out –not enough practice time and the first time my crew had handled a spinnaker. Consequently, I did not see much of the action up front and have no thrilling eye-witness accounts of battles for places. With the class stirring at Jericho, though, we may manage to work our way up into the pack with enough work.

The final results:

1 14568 Rob Thompson/ Will Brooke

2 14481 Maurice Bond/ Cameron Lee

3 14727 Colin Huggett/ Jeff Huggett

4 14711 Jamie Cox/ Laura Cox

5 11796 Alec Hunt/ Rob Hall

6 9568 Doug Allan/ B.J. Reddington

7 10409 Zane Murdoch/ Susan Small

8 10477 Joel Lancaster/ Jody Eisel


Zane Murdoch