CORK '97 - Fireball North Americans - August 22, 23, 24 - Kingston

Seventeen Fireballs showed up in Kingston to race on a course that we shared with similar numbers of 5o5s and 470s. The weather was much more like fall than summer, with only the final day blessing us with sunshine. All races were held on an olympic triangle course, and were roughly an hour and a half in duration.

A few boats arrived a day early to take part in a training clinic organized by Mike McEvoy. We rigged in the pouring rain on Thursday morning, then moved to the press room for a seminar on tuning and rig settings. About 8 boats then went out in a 12 knot gusty breeze and choppy water to do sailing drills while Mike blew the whistle from the comfort of a 28 foot "Gin&Tonic" power boat. The training day was a great benefit to beginner through intermediate Fireball sailers, and every effort should be made to repeat it at a regatta next season.

Racing began on Friday, and as the results below show, the racing was very close right from the top of the fleet through the bottom. After a postponement Friday morning to wait for the sea breeze, the fleet went out in a 10 knot wind that built to 15 knots before dying at about 3pm. The team of George Stedman and Eric Owston took bullets in both races, closely followed by Henry McCray and Gary Van Tassell II. Unfortunately the dying breeze left a few teams bobbing in the water, unable to finish their race within the allowed time limit. A third race had been scheduled for Friday, but it was abandoned until Saturday. Following a suitable period for libations in the sail room, a rules Q&A session for the Fireball fleet was given by David Pelling.

Saturday's racing was under cloudy skies and gusty breezes. The first race was in 12 to 15 knots of wind, and George/Eric took their 3rd bullet in a row, again followed by Henry/G2. The wind dropped slightly for the second race, leaving the difficult conditions of a lumpy chop with less wind to power through it. Henry and Gary took their first win of the regatta, with George and Eric settling for second place this time. Anticipating a dying breeze everyone left their rigs powered up for the third race, only to be greeted with rain squalls coming through and winds in excess of 20 knots. The chop rapidly built to over 3 feet, but most of the fleet succeeded in finishing the race (although several went swimming at one time or another - lesson learned: gybe during a puff, not a lull!). Henry and Gary picked up their second bullet, Tom Egli and Andrew McCrae took second, and George and Eric placed third.

We awoke to sunny skies for a change on Sunday morning, and with the regatta win up for grabs the boys from Acme Labs were all business as they washed and tefloned their hull before hitting the water. The first race was held in a building sea breeze of 8 to 10 knots, and the fleet sorted itself out in much the same way as the first race on Friday. George/Eric took the win, with Henry and Gary finishing second and Tom and Andrew finishing third. The sea breeze came in in earnest while waiting for the second start, and the second (and final) race was held in 15 knots. Henry/Gary took an early lead and pulled out to a 3.5 minute win over George/Eric. In an interesting turn of events (as viewed from mid-fleet) the boats in 3rd through 6th appeared not to have noticed the postage-stamp-sized 'E' flag flown from the committee boat, and grossly overstood the windward mark on the third beat before sailing back down for the second triangle - nearly opening an opportunity for the following boats to gain a few positions.

The regatta was the battle of the Delange's, as both Henry/Gary (in Risky Business) and George/Eric (in Glass and a Half) were in early Delange sister boats. The United States was represented by three boats at the North Americans; Henry and Gary, Phil Mitropoulos and Bill Prokos sailing their 'new' Lindsey for the first time, and Bryan and Debbie Spang up from Pymatuning Sailing Club for their first Fireball regatta.



CORK 1997 - FIREBALL Class Results, CYA-LOWPOINT Scoring System

Data as of Sunday 24 August 1997 at 2:41 pm - Subject to Protest

POS SAIL SKIPPER RACE RACE RACE RACE RACE RACE RACE TOTAL NET 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 POINTS POINTS Fri. Fri. Sat. Sat. Sat. AFTER 1230 1430 1200 1400 1525 1 DROP 1 CAN13216 STEDMAN, GEORGE Eric Owston 1 1 1 2 3 1 2 10.00 7.00 CAN QU Montreal,Pointe Claire YC 2 13281 MCCRAY, HENRY Gary Van Tassel II 2 2 2 1 1 2 1 10.25 8.25 USA SC Folly Beach,Acme Labs Inc. 3 14467 EGLI, THOMAS Andrew McCrae 3 4 3 3 2 3 3 21.00 17.00 CAN PQ Montreal,Pointe Claire Yacht Club 4 10493 MARLER, STEPHANIE Etienne Portela 4 5 6 5 8 5 5 38.00 30.00 CAN PQ ,Pointe Claire Yacht Club 5 CAN14585 GRIFFITHS, DEREK NICOLA ALSTON 5 7 8 6 4 6 8 44.00 36.00 CAN ONT TORONTO,TORONTO SAIL. & CANOE CL. 6 CAN12939 LANDSBERG, DAVID Mona Barakat OCS 3 4 7 7 OCS 6 63.00 45.00 CAN ON North York,National YC 7 13890 MCEVOY, MIKE JASON PHILLIPS OCS 12 5 4 9 11 7 66.00 48.00 CAN ONT Ottawa,NEPEAN SAILING CLUB 8 13703 HARRIS, ERIN TOBY BRYANT 6 9 10 10 12 9 4 60.00 48.00 CAN P.Q. HUDSON,HUDSON/R.St.LAWRENCE Y.C. 9 CAN12362 LOCKER, PHIL Antica Locker 7 6 11 DNF. 14 4 9 69.00 51.00 CAN ONT Kanata,Nepean Sailing Club 10 KC11153 VAN HAEFTEN, MALCOLM DANE BROUSSE 8 10 7 11 6 10 11 63.00 52.00 CAN PQ DORVAL,POINTE CLAIRE YACHT CLUB 11 10145 MITROPOULOS, PHILIP BILL PROKOS 12 11 9 8 10 8 10 68.00 56.00 USA NY DOUGLASTON,YRA OF LONG ISLAND SOUND 12 12357 CARRAN, ANDREW Andy Wahl 11 13 12 15 5 12 12 80.00 65.00 CAN ON Kanata,Kanata Sailing Club 13 KC11105 RANKIN, ANNE CHRIS. RANKIN 9 DNF. 13 9 DNS 7 DNF 92.00 74.00 CAN ONT TORONTO,NATIONAL Y.C. 14 CAN1354 ROPER, MICHAEL Mark Jago 13 8 14 16 13 13 13 90.00 74.00 CAN ON Kanata,Kanata Sailing Club 15 11499 KENNEDY, JEREMY D.J. Clayton 15 DNF. 15 12 11 14 14 99.00 81.00 CAN ON Kanata,Nepean Sailing Club 16 13276 ROGERS, MACK PETER SHIRER 10 DNF 17 14 DNF. DNF. 15 110.00 92.00 CAN ONT TORONTO,TORONTO SALING /CANOE CLUB 17 4374 SPANG, BRYAN Debbie Spang 14 RET 16 13 DNF. DNF. DNF. 115.00 97.00 USA PA Lower Burrell,Pymatuning Sailing Club