Fanfare Regatta - Sept 11,12 NSC

By Fireball Special Correspondant - Jason Phillips

The first day of the Nepean Fanfare Regatta brought typical Fall sailing conditions to the Ottawa River: sunny skies and a whole lot of wind. With wind speeds averaging 18-20 knots, it was definitely Big Boy weather. Some raked back one notch, others three or four. For once, Dave and Mona weren't the lightest crew out there - Steph Serre de St Jean and 13 year old Leif Shenstone did a great job in the heavy weather, even flying the infamous "Joseph's Amazing Technicolour" spinnaker every race. Mike McEvoy and Jason Phillips were able to power up and weave through the carnage in the 505 fleet to finish the day with four bullets.

If Saturday was a physical test for the seven Fireballs on the water, Sunday was a mental one: offshore, southerly winds gradually filled in throughout the afternoon. Often with no predictable pattern to shifts oscillating up to 50 degrees, positioning in the fleet was fluid depending on who caught the shift. Mike Roper and Steve Anderson once found themselves banging the left corner of the course so hard that they were almost back in the NSC Harbour when a thirty degree shift lifted them to the top of the fleet. Racing was tight, with Alan Spurdle, Antica Locker (teamed with local Laser sailor John Clarke for the day), Andy and Trish Carran, McEvoy/Phillips all taking turns at some point leading the pack, but it was David Landsberg and Mona Barakat who were dialled in for the day: "extreme" roll tacks, lee bowing 505s at the windward mark...they did everything and demonstrated that they were back in top racing form after a tough Saturday in the heavy breeze. They finished the day with three firsts and a second to take second place overall in the regatta.

The regatta was the first leg of the Ottawa/Montreal Challenge Series, with Screwball September 18 and 19th at the Pointe Claire Yacht Club in Montreal to decide the champions of Highway 417. Final results of Fanfare were:

   1                 M. McEvoy                       8.75

      1    1    1    1    1   (3)   2    3 

   2                 D. Landsberg                   15.25

      2    3    6   (8)   2    1    1    1 

   3                 M. Roper                       25.00

      4   (5)   3    2    5    2    4    5 

   4                 P. Locker                      26.00

      3    2    2   (8)   6    6    3    4 

   5                 A. Spurdle                     32.00

     (8)   4    4    8    3    4    7    2 

   6                 A. Carran                      41.00

      5    7    7   (8)   4    5    6    7 

   7                 S. St. Serre                   42.00

      6    6    5   (8)   7    7    5    6