Lake Sailing Skiff Association Regatta - June 22, 23 ABYC

As we all slowly sailed out to the start area during an ominous calm on Saturday morning, the weather suddenly turned big. Very big. What Mike McEvoy refers to as "Fat Boy Weather". The majority of the fleet failed to start, and limped in (some with the aid of rescue boats) with an assortment of ripped sails and broken rudders. Mike and Iain stayed out, guaranteeing themselves a regatta win.

The weather on Sunday was fortunately more moderate, and the remaining races were closely contested.

Pos Sail # Club Skipper Crew Pts Individual Races
1 CAN13890 NSC Mike McEvoy Ian McEvoy 8.50 1;1;10;4;3
2 CAN14507 TS&CC Debbie Thomas Geoff Kitchen 22.75 DNS;DNS;DNS;1;2
3 CAN14462 TS&CC Cindy Welsh Chris Welsh 29 DNS;DNS;DNS;2,7
4 CAN13156 TS&CC Jennifer Sellars Nick Sellars 30 DNS;DNS;DNS;6,4
5 CAN14585 TS&CC Derek Griffiths Adolf Shin 30.75 DNS;DNS;DNS;10,1
6 CAN11981 TS&CC Brayden Wood Chris Mealing 32 DNS;DNS;DNS;3,9
7 CAN12362 KSC Phil Locker Antica Locker 33 DNS;DNS;DNS;5,8
8 CAN12845 OHCC Gary Baine Debbie Reinhart 33 DNS;DNS;DNS;7,6
9 CAN11456 TS&CC Marc Bennett .35DNS;DNS;DNS;10,5