Ontario Provincial Championships - July 19,20 TS&CC

Saturday's racing was held in a 15 to 20 knot offshore breeze, which made for great flat-water Fireballing conditions. The course was a windward-leeward (with a windward offset mark), followed by a triangle, finishing with a short beat to windward. The only boat not to race all three of Saturday's races was Phil and Antica, who had to head in following the second race when slot gasket problems were threatening to sink them.

Sunday was unfortunately a near-drifter. One shortened race was held, and a second was abandoned before the lead boats made it to the windward mark.

This provincial championship saw some new faces on the water. Regatta regular Debbie Thomas had committed to sailing in a different class for the weekend, but she made sure her boat was on the water by lending it to David Hartman and Jaqualine Cervoni. Mike McEvoy was sailing the Canadian Nationals on the west coast, but he lent his boat to former BC Fireballer Jason Phillips.

There was a different winner in every race, with the Championship going to the team of Andrew McCrae and Tom Egli from Pointe Claire Yacht Club, Montreal. During the awards presentations, David Landsberg presented Derek with a Fireball Kit in appreciation and recognition of the contributions he made to the class during his 5 years as Ontario President.

Pos Sail # Club Skipper Crew Pts Individual Races
1 CAN14467 PCYC Andrew McCrae Tom Egli 7.75 2;3;1;2
2 CAN12939 NYC David Landsberg Mona Barakat 9.753;1;3;3
3 CAN13165 NYC Jenifer Sellars Nick Sellars 12.75 4;5;2;1
4 CAN14585 TS&CC Derek Griffiths Nicola Alston 17 6;2;4;5
5 CAN13684 PSC Rick Clift Rob Schmidt 18.75 1;6;5;7
6 CAN11157 NYC Gavin Disney Kalvin Beal 23 5;4;6;8
7 CAN13890 NSC Jason Phillips . 31 10;10;7;4
8 CAN12362 NSC Phil Locker Antica Locker 31 7;7;DNS;6
9 CAN1 TS&CC David Hartman Jaqualine Cervoni 33 8;8;8;9
10 CAN13276 TS&CC Mack Rogers Peter Shirer 37 9;9;9;10