Ontario Provincial Championships - August 22,23 TS&CC

A breezy first day greeted competitors at the 1998 Ontario Provincials, held at the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club.  Winds varied from about 8 to 12 knots, with lumpy seas and mosty overcast skies. All races were on a 'Fireball' course (triangle/sausage with tight first reach). Most of the fleet was very close in boat speed, making for crowded mark roundings and tightly packed reaches.

Wind strength was down into the 5 to 8 knot range on Sunday, with the fleet going out during a rain shower.  There were threats of thunderstorms and 30 knot winds, but fortunately they never materialized.  The fleet got three races in and were on shore by 2 pm.

Recent US National Front Runner champions Gary Van Tassell II and Pat Edwards showed impressive boat speed, particularily downwind, to win the regatta.  Gavin Disney, sailing with Nick Sellars, were a strong second.   Conspicuous by their absence were all of the 'new' Fireball owners in Toronto - where were you guys?
Pos  Sail #  Club  Skipper  Crew  Pts  Individual Races 
USA14666  ACME Gary Van Tassell II  Pat Edwards 1;1;(2);1;2;2
CAN12936  NYC Gavin Disney Nick Sellars 12 2;2;3;4;1;1;(7)
CAN14688  TS&CC  Derek Griffiths Nicola Alston  16  5;3;1;2;(7);3;3
CAN11148 Rick Clift Rob Schmidt  26  4;6;(7);3;4;4;5
CAN13890 NSC  Mike McEvoy  Jason Phillips  26 3;4;5;(7);5;5;4
CAN14678  NSC Phil Locker  Antica Locker 27  (6);5;6;5;3;6;2
CAN10493  PCYC Stephanie Marler 36  (7);7;4;6;6;7;6
CAN14585  ? Justin Harrington . 50 8;DNF;DNS;DNS;8;8;8