Sam Myres Memorial Regatta

July 11,12 Pymatuning Sailing Club, Andover Ohio

This was the 20th running of this event, held in memory of enthusiastic fireball sailor and Pymatuning Sailing Club member Sam Myres.

Saturday was reminiscent of the Fireball Canadians the week before - very gusty and shifty. Three races were held (and that was plenty!). Sunday was quite light, with only 1 race.

Still no locals sailing Fireball, maybe next year?

1 USA11451 Pat Crump / local youth
2 USA14666 Henry Amthor / Barb Amthor
3 CAN13890 Mike McEvoy / Jason Phillips
4 USA14626 Gary Van Tassell II / Gary Van Tassell I
5 CAN11148 Rick Clift / Rob Schmidt
6 CAN14678 Phil Locker / Mona Barakat
7 USA14585 Dan Lawrence / Scott Pottee
8 USA11453 Matt Felix / Pat Edwards