Tarts and Balls - May 31, June 1 TS&CC

Racing was held under gray skies with light to moderate winds for the weekend. The race course was busy, as the Fireballs shared it with I14s, Albacores, and Wayfarers. Derek was still drilling holes in his brand-new boat during the 1 hour postponement Saturday morning, but he had it sufficiently rigged to be able to make the first start.

Saturday began with a long, slow sail out to the race area, but fortunately the wind built sufficiently for the lighter crews to be trapezing off of the centreboard case. The first two races had identical results, but it looked like things were going to be shaken up a bit in the 3rd race as Derek&Nicola lead to the 1st mark, closely followed by Phil&Antica, but that race was abandoned when the wind disappeared.

Winds strengthened on Sunday, beginning at 10 knots and building to 15. The first two races saw some reversals of the previous day, with Nick&Jen taking bullets and Debbie&Marc following at second and Phil&Antica in 3rd. The final race was to decide the top 4 positions as Nick&Jen were tied with Debbie&Marc, and Phil&Antica were one point ahead of Derek&Nicola. Final results are as listed below.

Pos Sail # Club Skipper Crew Pts Individual Races
1 CAN13165 NYC Jennifer Sellars Nick Sellars 4.25 (2),2,1,1,1
2 CAN14507 NYC Debbie Thomas Marc Bennett 6 1,1,2,2,(3)
3 CAN14585 TS&CC Derek Griffiths Nicola Alston 12 3,3,(5),4,2
4 CAN12362 NSC Phil Locker Antica Locker 14 4,4,3,3,(5)
5 CAN11981 NYC Hazel Wood Chris Rankin 18 (5),5,4,5,,4
6 CAN13276 TS&CC Mack Rogers Peter Shirer 24 (6),6,6,6,6