MacKay Family and Connections in the Maritimes

William Lawrence Holmes
(1824 - 1893)
William Murrant
(ca1825 - ?)
Caroline Martell
(1824 - 1910)
Sarah Campbell
( - <1870)

m. 13 March 1879, Cow Bay (Port Morien), Nova Scotia
John Martell Holmes Phoebe Sarah Murrant
b. 6 June 1857, Homeville, Nova Scotia
d. 3 November 1934, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
br. Homeville Baptist Cemetery, Homeville, Nova Scotia
occ. Farmer
rel. Baptist
b. 12 May 1860, South Head, Nova Scotia
d. 17 January 1923, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
br. Homeville, Nova Scotia
rel. Baptist

William Garfield Holmes
Lional Anthony Holmes [Died as Child]
Frank Llewelyn Holmes
Sarah Wilhelmina Holmes
Elsie Pearl Holmes
Laura Van Iderstein Holmes

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