MacKay Family and Connections in the Maritimes

Anthony Martell
(1782 - 1854)
Arnold Holmes
(1793 - 1866)
Lucinda Holmes
(1786 - 1871)
Ann (Nancy) Martell
(1798 - 1863)

m. 25 September 1844, Sydney, Nova Scotia
Charles Martell Adeline Patience Holmes
b. 18 August 1816, Main-a-dieu, Nova Scotia
bp. 20 August 1818, St. George's, Sydney, Nova Scotia
d. 22 October 1873, Catalone, Nova Scotia
br. Homeville Baptist Cemetery, Homeville, Nova Scotia
occ. Farmer
rel. Baptist
b. 2 July 1826, Homeville, Nova Scotia
d. 22 September 1922, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
br. 25 September 1922, Homeville Baptist Cemetery, Homeville, Nova Scotia
rel. Baptist

Julia Willoughby Martell
Charles Holmes Martell
Annie Hasseltine Martell
Arthur Wellesley Martell [Died as Child]
William Edgar Martell
Maria Jane Martell
Edward Albro Martell
Amos Melbourne Martell [Died as Child]
George Arthur Martell
Adeline Lucinda Martell [Died as Infant]

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