MacKay Family and Connections in the Maritimes

Anthony Martell
(1782 - 1854)
Caleb Huntington
(1758 - 1845)
Lucinda Holmes
(1786 - 1871)
Jane Turner
(ca1770 - 1851)

m. 3 May 1836, Grand Mira, Nova Scotia
Arnold Martell Jane Lisby Huntington
b. 25 September 1814, Main-a-dieu, Nova Scotia
bp. 20 August 1818, St. George's, Sydney, Nova Scotia
d. 27 February 1884, Little Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
br. Homeville, Nova Scotia
occ. Storekeeper
b. 11 February 1815, Grand Mira, Nova Scotia
d. 24 November 1893, Homeville, Nova Scotia
br. Homeville, Nova Scotia

Adelaide Martell
Mary Martell
Anthony Martell [Died as Infant]
Evelina Martell
Caroline Martell
Caleb Martell [Died as Child]
Jane Lisby Martell
Harriet Martell
Emily Ann Martell
Sophia Alice Martell

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