MacKay Family and Connections in the Maritimes

John Holdsworth
(ca1781 - 1813)
James Titus
(1770 - 1858)
Mehitable Bourne
(ca1780 - 1802)
Mary (Polly) Tucker
(1774 - 1853)

m. 27 January 1825, Digby, Nova Scotia
Thomas Holdsworth Lucy Titus
b. 1800, Digby, Nova Scotia
bp. 25 May 1800
d. 31 January 1872, Digby, Nova Scotia
occ. Shoemaker, tanner
rel. Methodist
b. July 1803, Digby, Nova Scotia
bp. 31 August 1806
d. 8 May 1888, Digby, Nova Scotia
br. United Church Cemetery, Digby, Nova Scotia
rel. Methodist

Mehitable Holdsworth
James Thomas Holdsworth
John Holdsworth
Ansel Bourne Holdsworth
Wesley C. Holdsworth
Mary E. Holdsworth
Lemuel Charles Holdsworth
Elisha Holdsworth
George Henderson Holdsworth
Lucy Ann Holdsworth
William Banford Holdsworth
Hannah Maria Holdsworth

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