Pastors 1931 to Present

Fr. Joe McElligott                             (1931-1959)

Fr. T. G. Buckley                              (1959-1972)

Fr. Alf Harrington                             (1972-1978)

Fr. Jack Quinn                                  (1978-1994)

Fr. Bill Kenney                                 (1994-2005)

Fr. Kerry Brennan                        (2005-2012)

Fr. Terrence Sirosky                              (2012 – present)



Fr. Joe McElligott - He is widely recognized as a man of great leadership and vision. Initially on his own and later with the help of able curates he looked after the well being of St. Alexander's parish as it mushroomed from serving a sparsely settled community to incorporating hundreds of people from the newly formed town of Deep River. He established the Catholic Women's League (1935) and founded the Wylie Credit Union to help all the residents of the area. He oversaw the construction of the new church, which was finished in 1954 and dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel. During his time, often with the help of two curates, masses were being said every Sunday in town as well as at the Plant during the construction period, and at  the two missions of St. Anthony's in Chalk River (established as a parish in 1957) and St. Anne's in Des Joachims (became a parish in 1953). By 1959 our parish included some 500 families. McElligott Drive, in Deep River, honours his contribution to the community and the area.



Fr. T. G. Buckley - He served the parish and provided stability during a period that saw major liturgical changes following Vatican II. In 1966, as a Centennial project, a special Mission Committee was established. Since then, four Sunday collections per year are sent to mission projects selected by the parish. In 1967, at Fr. Buckley's request, our first Parish Council was elected, thus involving the laity directly in parish administration. In the early 60's, a very successful financial campaign led to the building of our present rectory. Upon leaving our parish, with the money collected by the congregation for him, he set up the Fr. Buckley Bursary which was awarded for ten years.





Fr. Alf Harrington - He was pastor during a very busy and active time of our parish. His very capable assistants worked with the youth and prayer groups of our congregation. Baptisms and marriages occured frequently in the 70's. A record number took place in 1973, with 50 and 26 respectively. A crying room was built just off the sanctuary to be used by parents with their babies. Fr. Harrington celebrated the 25th anniversary of his priesthood in 1976.


Fr. Jack Quinn - He was our very capable and caring pastor for 16 years, from 1978 - 1994. This was a period that saw many changes and great parish activity. He always supported and provided strong direction and focus for the many special events that took place in our parish.1979 alone saw the ordination to the priesthood of Fr. Bill Kenney, the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Our Lady of Good Counsel, and the arrival of a Cambodian family of nine from a refugee camp in Thailand, which our parish had committed to supporting economically and emotionally for at least one year. A great believer in fostering and nourishing spiritual growth Fr. Quinn organized parish missions in 1982, 83, 87 and 1991. At first helped in his duties by a succession of curates and by a couple of Sisters of St. Joseph acting as Pastoral Assistants, at the end of 1988 he shouldered alone the responsability of caring for the well being of our parishioners and the needs of the mission at Stonecliffe. With his encouragement the new Parish Centre took shape and was finished by February of 1992. A very joyous occasion was Fr. Jack's 25th Anniversary Celebration of his ordination. When he departed to take up his position as pastor at Braeside, Fr. Quinn left behind many fond memories and many friends.


Fr. Bill Kenney - Fr. Bill grew up in Deep River, was ordained to the priesthood at Our Lady of Good Counsel church in 1979 and was warmly welcomed back to the parish as our pastor. He leads our congregation with enthusiasm and energy. He strongly believes in the participation of lay people of all ages to the liturgy and the various ministries. Under his guidance the Children's Liturgy Program has expanded to include several age groups. Hand made decorations are placed by the children on two big christmas trees that decorate the Sanctuary at Christmas. While being the main guiding force behind all the activities of the 100 Anniversary Celebrations, Fr. Bill saw 1998 as a unique opportunity to involve all parishioners, to deepen our faith and strenghthen our bonds as a parish family. Our spiritual preparation began with a well attended parish mission in March 98.



Fr. Kerry Brennan  (2005 - 2012)


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