Alcaligenes faecalis

Bar: 2 µm Bar: 1 µm

Alcaligenes faecalis are nonpathogenic bacteria which may even be used by high-school students for experiments, but they may be pathogenic to turkeys. Interesting information about the anatomy of bacteria may be found at this site.

Alcaligenes are found in various locations, including soil and aquatic environments, where one species, Alcaligenes denitrificans, has been known to inhibit the growth of some algae. Alcaligenes bacteria have also been found in the respiratory tracts of cystic fibrosis patients, where they cause clinical symptoms of pulmonary disease (same link).

Black-and-white micrographs may be tinted to make them more appealing to potential viewers or readers. Many microorganisms shown in magazines are in false colours - most bacteria are between white and beige colours. Red microorganisms may be Rhodotorula yeasts or Serratia marcescens. "Colours" are found in pigmented bacteria.

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