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Tables of Contents for 1982-1993

Beginning in 1979, programs on food microstructure took place at annual Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Meetings. Thirty six papers published in various SEM volumes have been compiled to form a book entitled Studies of Food Microstructure. The papers have been divided into 4 general areas:
1. general applications
2. meat foods
3. milk products
4. foods of plant origin
The table of contents is at the end of this page. Publication of the book preceded establishing the new journal, Food Microstructure.
FOOD MICROSTRUCTURE was established as an international scientific journal on the microstructure and microanalysis of foods, feeds, and their ingredients in 1982 in the USA by food scientists:
  • S. H. Cohen (Sci. & Adv. Tech. Lab., US Army Natick R&D, Natick, MA)
  • E. A. Davis (Dept. Food Sci. & Nutr., Univ. of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN)
  • D. N. Holcomb (Kraft Inc., Glenview, IL)
  • M. Kaláb (Food Res. Inst., Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Ont., Canada)

The journal was published initially twice a year by Scanning Electron Microscopy, Inc., AMF O'Hare (Chicago), IL, under the direction of Om Johari, Managing Editor. In 1990, the title of the journal was changed to FOOD STRUCTURE and the publication frequency was increased to 4 issues per annum. W. J. Wolf (USDA Northern Regional Research Center, Peoria, IL) joined the journal as another editor in 1991. I. Heertje (Unilever Research Laboratorium, Vlaardingen, the Netherlands) served as the European editor and K. Sato (Department of Applied Biology, Hiroshima University, Shitami, Japan) took editorial care of manuscripts arriving from Asian countries. Food structure studies flourished. Irrespective of this success, however, Om Johari terminated publishing the journal in 1994 without giving any reason. This means that Vol. 12 is the last one. Manuscripts submitted for publication in FOOD STRUCTURE were later published in FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (LWT) by Academic Press.

All manuscripts were peer-reviewed. Almost all authors responded in writing to reviewers' comments in the form of a 'discussion with reviewers'. Alternatively they revised their manuscripts. In addition to critically evaluating former achievements in the particular fields, all review papers also contain new information provided by the authors.

The table of contents published in Food Microstructure and later in Food Structure is being provided to assist food microscopists in their search for topics of interest. Journal issues may be found in food science libraries at various universities under ISSN 0730-5419, CODEN - FMICDK (Food Microstructure, 1982-1990) and ISSN 1046-705X, CODEN - FSTUE2 (Food Structure - 1991-1993).

Vol. 1 - 1982 - Vol. 2 - 1983 - Vol. 3 - 1984 - Vol. 4 - 1985
Vol. 5 - 1986 - Vol. 6 - 1987 - Vol. 7 - 1988 - Vol. 8 - 1989
Vol. 9 - 1990 - Vol. 10. - 1991 - Vol. 11 - 1992 - Vol. 12 - 1993

Food Microstructure Vol. 1, Number 1, 1982

Food Microstructure Vol. 1, Number 2, 1982

Food Microstructure Vol. 2, Number 1, 1983

Food Microstructure Vol. 2, Number 2, 1983

Food Microstructure Vol. 3, Number 1, 1984

Food Microstructure Vol. 3, Number 2, 1984

Food Microstructure Vol. 4, Number 1, 1985

Food Microstructure Vol. 4, Number 2, 1985

Food Microstructure Vol. 5, Number 1, 1986

Food Microstructure Vol. 5, Number 2, 1986

Food Microstructure Vol. 6, Number 1, 1987

Food Microstructure Vol. 6, Number 2, 1987

Food Microstructure Vol. 7, Number 1, 1988

Food Microstructure Vol. 7, Number 2, 1988

Food Microstructure Vol. 8, Number 1, 1989

Food Microstructure Vol. 8, Number 2, 1989

Food Structure Vol. 9, Number 1, 1990

Food Structure Vol. 9, Number 2, 1990

Food Structure Vol. 9, Number 3, 1990

Food Structure Vol. 9, Number 4, 1990

Food Structure Vol. 10, Number 1, 1991

Food Structure Vol. 10, Number 2, 1991

Food Structure Vol. 10, Number 3, 1991

Food Structure Vol. 10, Number 4, 1991

Food Structure Vol. 11, Number 1, 1992

Food Structure Vol. 11, Number 2, 1992

Food Structure Vol. 11, Number 3, 1992

Food Structure Vol. 11, Number 4, 1992

Food Structure Vol. 12, Number 1, 1993

Food Structure Vol. 12, Number 2, 1993

Food Structure Vol. 12, Number 3, 1993

Food Structure Vol. 12, Number 4, 1993

Studies of Food Microstructure

Published in 1981 by Scanning Electron Microscopy, Inc., AMF O'Hare, IL 60666, USA
Editors: D. N. Holcomb, M. Kaláb
ISBN: 0-931288-22-3 Library of Congress Catalog Card. No.: 81-84080 1981

Table of contents:
SFMS numbers refer to pages in Studies of Food Microstructure, SEM numbers refer to the original location of the papers in Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Part I - General papers

  • Some examples of scanning electron microscopy in food science. R. J. Carroll, S. B. Jones (Review paper) SFMS pp. 1-8, SEM/1979/III:253-259.
  • Preparation of food science samples for SEM. J. F. Chabot (Review paper) SFMS pp. 9-16, SEM/1979/III:279-286, 298.
  • Application of scanning electron microscopy for the development of materials for food. C.-H. Lee, C. K. Rha (Review paper) SFMS pp. 17-24, SEM/1979/III:465-471.
  • The use of microscopy to explain the behaviour of foodstuffs - a review of work carried out at the Leatherhead Food Research Association. D. F. Lewis (Review paper) SFMS pp. 25-38, SEM/1981/III:391-404.
  • Identification of foreign matter in foods. J. T. Stasny, F. R. Albright, R. Graham SFMS pp. 39-50, SEM/1981/III:599-610, 560.

Part II - Meat foods

  • Scanning electron microscopy in meat science. C. A. Voyle (Tutorial paper) SFMS pp. 51-60, SEM/1981/III:405-413.
  • Preparation of muscle samples for electron microscopy. H. D. Geissinger, D. W. Stanley (Tutorial paper) SFMS pp. 61-72, SEM/1981/III:415-426, 414.
  • The effect of catheptic enzymes on chilled bovine muscle. S. H. Cohen, L. R. Trusal SFMS pp. 73-78, SEM/1980/III:595-600.
  • Microscopical observation on electrically stimulated bovine muscle. C. A. Voyle SFMS pp. 79-86, SEM/1981/III:427-434.
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopy of normal and PSE porcine muscle. J. D. Cloke, E. A. Davis, J. Gordon, S.-I. Hsieh, J. Grider, P. B. Addis, C. J. McGrath SFMS pp. 87-98, SEM/1981/III:435-446.
  • Identification of fat and protein components in meat emulsions using SEM and light microscopy. F. K. Ray, B. G. Miller, D. C. Van Sickle, E. D. Aberle, J. C. Forrest, M. D. Judge SFMS pp. 99-104, SEM/1979/III:473-478.
  • Meat emulsions - fine structure relationships and stability. R. J. Carroll, C. M. Lee SFMS pp. 105-110, SEM/1981/III:447-452.

Part III - Milk products, gels, and mayonnaise

  • Scanning electron microscopy of dairy products: An overview. M. Kaláb (Review paper) SFMS pp. 111-122, SEM/1979/III:261-272.
  • Electron microscopy of milk products: A review of techniques. M. Kaláb (Review paper) SFMS pp.123-142, SEM/1981/III:453-472.
  • Microstructure and rheology of process cheese. A. A. Rayan, M. Kaláb, C. A. Ernstrom SFMS pp. 143-152, SEM/1980/III:635-643.
  • Electron microscopy and sensory evaluation of commercial cream cheese. M. Kaláb, A. G. Sargant, D. A. Froehlich SFMS pp. 153-162, SEM/1981/III:473-482, 514.
  • Morphological, ultrastructural and rheological characterization of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese. M. V. Taranto, P. J. Wan, S. L. Chen, K. C. Rha SFMS pp. 163-168, SEM/1979/III:273-278.
  • Morphological and textural characterization of soybean Mozzarella cheese analogs. M. V. Taranto, C. S. T. Yang SFMS pp.19-178, SEM/1981/III:483-492.
  • Possibilities of an electron-microscopic detection of buttermilk made from sweet cream in adulterated skim milk. M. Kaláb SFMS pp.179-186, SEM/1980/III:645-651.
  • A scanning electron microscopical investigation of the whipping of cream. D. G. Schmidt, A. C. M. van Hooydonk SFMS pp.187-192, 210, SEM/1980/III:653-658, 644.
  • A comparison of the microstructure of dried milk products by freeze-fracturing powder suspensions in non-aqueous media. W. Buchheim SFMS pp. 193-202, SEM/1981/III:493-502.
  • SEM investigation of the effect of lactose crystallization on the storage properties of spray-dried whey. M. Saltmarch, T. P. Labuza SFMS pp. 203-209, SEM/1980/III:659-665.
  • Effect of acidulants and temperature on microstructure, firmness and susceptibility to syneresis of skim milk gels. V. R. Harwalkar, M. Kaláb SFMS pp. 211-221, SEM/1981/III:503-513.
  • Structure of various types of gels as revealed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). V. E. Colombo, P. J. Spath SFMS pp. 223-230, SEM/1981/III:515-522.
  • Microstructure of mayonnaise and salad dressing. M. A. Tung, L. J. Jones SFMS pp. 231-238, SEM/1981/III:523-530.

Part IV - Foods of plant origin

  • Scanning electron microscopy of soybeans and soybean protein products. W. J. Wolf, F. L. Baker (Review paper) SFMS pp. 239-252, SEM/1980/III:621-634.
  • Soybean seed-coat structural features: pits, deposits and cracks. W. J. Wolf, F. L. Baker, R. L. Bernard SFMS pp. 253-266, SEM/1981/III:531-544.
  • An SEM study of the effects of avian digestion on the seed coats of three common angiosperms. L. B. Smith SFMS pp. 267-274, SEM/1981/III:545-552.
  • Microstructure of traditional Japanese soybean foods. K. Saio (Review paper) SFMS pp. 275-282, SEM/1981/III:553-559.
  • Effects of exogenous enzymes on oilseed protein bodies. R. D. Allen, H. J. Arnott SFMS pp. 283-292, SEM/1981/III:561-570.
  • Tannin development and location in bird-resistant sorghum grain. P. Morrall, N. v. d. W. Liebenberg, C. W. Glennie SFMS pp. 293-298, SEM/1981/III:571-576.
  • Light microscopy of plant constituents in animal feeds. J. G. Vaughan (Tutorial paper) SFMS pp. 299-304, SEM/1981/III:577-582.
  • The relationship between wheat microstructure and flourmilling. R. Moss, N. L. Stenvert, K. Kingswood, G. Pointing SFMS pp. 305-312, SEM/1980/III:613-620.
  • Scanning electron microscopy of flour-water doughs treated with oxidizing and reducing agents. L. G. Evans, A. M. Pearson, G. R. Hooper SFMS pp. 313-322, SEM/1981/III:583-592.
  • Structural studies of carrots by SEM. E. A. Davis, J. Gordon (Tutorial paper) SFMS pp. 323-332, SEM/1980/III:601-611.
  • The microstructure of orange juice. G. G. Jewell SFMS pp. 333-338, SEM/1981/III:593-598.

This page was compiled by M. Kaláb on December 28, 1998 and corrected, with apologies to the authors concerned, on February 13, 2014. Corrections: Page numbers in Food Microstructure 1(1) for authors K. Larsson, R.D. Allen and H.J. Arnott, E.A. Elgasim and W.H. Kennick, P.B. Berendsen, R.A. Lawrence and P. Jelen, and S.H. Cohen et al. and in Food Microstructure 4(2) for authors R.J. Carroll et al.