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Enter the MEDI SPA ON BALMORAL, where comforting care of body, mind and soul awaits you.

Look for a friendly smile with an air of experience and professionalism.

As you enter the MEDI SPA ON BALMORAL, you'll be transported to an oasis of serenity and pampered, while receiving the highest quality treatments for optimal health and beauty.

Have you been thinking of your special someone? Your spouse, family, friends or someone you know who needs a little TLC?


We can provide you with gift certificates for marvelous services, or to book something right away for those important people on your list. A great way to show how much you care. And gift certificates can be used anytime!

Are you happy, relaxed, feeling good, and full of energy?
Have you met your health and wellness goals?
Do people say you look great!?  If so, congratulations!

To help you maintain or achieve those goals, consider the professional
Natural Health and Esthetic Services as well as
Homeopathic Medicines and luxurious Skin Care Products at

The Medi Spa On Balmoral
153 Balmoral Place, Ottawa
(613) 410-1234 (cell)
(613) 617-6317 (Electrolysis only)

Near Alta Vista Dr. and Smyth Rd., behind the Riverside Hospital.
Originally called Natural Health Therapies. Since 1994.

We have expanded and perfected our services to better suit your needs.

Susan Peacock-Hacking
H.D., N.D. (Qc), M.N.H.Sc., B.N.H.Sc., C.H.P., N.H.C., C.N., C.I., C.R., C.S., N.C.

Please welcome:
Lianna Gregoryeva
R.N., M.D., and Doctor of Dermatology (RU)

Natallia Haiduk
Esthetician, Advanced Electrologist, and Dental Hygienist

Maria De Guzman
Cordon Bleu Chef