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SPLOG V3.22 - Ham Radio Logging Program

We have developed modern and very powerful logging program called SPLog. This product has already brought high praise as being one of the best Ham programs available.

SPLog offers the following features:

  1. Fully menu driven and very user friendly.
  2. Full mouse support.
  3. Unlimited log size for the registered version.
  4. Easy, Quick and Flexible access to any record.
  5. Easy Edit, Update or Deletion of any logbook entry.
  6. Auto/Manual date and time logging with UTC conversion.
  7. Logbook search by: Callsign (Prefix or partial callsign), Date, Operator Name, Record Number, QTH, State, and County.
  8. Easy, Fully Dynamic, and Now Intelligent log append / edit.
  9. Fully scrollable browse window with full QSO edit capability.
  10. Complete context sensitive help.
  11. Automatic bearing and distance calculation. Grid Square Calculation.
  12. Logbook search for duplicate contacts with build in feature to view and/or edit those contacts.
  13. Automatic QSL Manager search. Full QSL Router and Editor functions.
  14. On screen Zone CQ and ITU Worked and Confirmed.
  15. Extensive Band and Mode sensitive LOG summary.
  16. Fully customizable bands. 13 different bands per logbook.
  17. Fully customizable modes. 6 different modes per logbook.
  18. Prints: logbook, QSL Cards, and Labels by Range, Confirmed QSOs Not confirmed QSOs, Selected QSOs, By Band, By Mode, and more.
  19. Awards - Extensive and Flexible Tracking of DX Century Club, Worked All States, Worked All Continents, Worked All County and more.
  20. Fully featured and adjustable Morse Code tutor.
  21. QSL Bureau, Addresses, and Personal Databases support.
  22. Antenna design aids.
  23. Logbook Merge and Translate capability.
  24. Custom printout of all or part of your logbook, either in abbreviated or detailed form.
  25. Prints QSL labels with personalized message line.
And much more....

Download a shareware version for your evaluation or order a registered version now.
The program minimum requirements are:
  • IBM PC or 100% compatible
  • DOS 3.3 or higher
  • 580K of Free Conventional memory (Below 1 MB).
  • Monochrome or colour monitor (No graphics adapter required)
  • Hard drive with 20 MB free.
  • Files=35 (or more) Statement in the CONFIG.SYS file.


Our Address:

Peter Pfiffer
P.O. Box 922
Deep River, Ont.
K0J 1P0, Canada
E-mail: pfeiffer@intranet.ca

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