Drive to Churchill Falls and up Orma Dike Road


Jock Campbell's newphew, Gerry Campbell, drove me in my Previa Van on July 1st to Churchill Falls from Goose Bay where I had spent the week at the Mina Hubbard Centennial at North West River.  I had left my canoe and gear with Alan Gosling on my drive to Goose Bay a week before.

Alan already has his truck loaded and waiting when I arrived.

The Orma Dike Road exits the Churchill Falls - Goose Bay gravel highway just before Churchill Falls.

It is a tough, slow-going 150 kilometres to the Orma Dike and some stretches can only be gotten over with a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  Bears use the road as well!



The Orma Dike cut off the Naskaupi River from Lake Michikamau when the Churchill Falls hydroelectric project was carried out.  The picture below was taken by me in mid-June 2004, with the Smallwood Reservoir on the left looking like the Arctic Ocean.

View below from the Orma Dike in 2004 looking in the direction of Orma Lake with the stream bed of the Naskaupi River in the foreground.

View of Smallwood Reservoir in 2004 (100 kms to the west and then to the north lies the beginning of the George River to Ungava Bay)

My gear below unloaded at Orma Lake and my last view of humans for 28 days.

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