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Pages 1 to 3:  Introduction and History
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Page 12:  Naskaupi River
Pages 13 to 14:   Red Wine River
Page 15:  Red Wine Valley
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Page 19:   Hubbard Monument
Page 24:  Visitors to monument.
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Innu Portage
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Useful information for canoeists and hikers

After two days of fairly hard effort, you finally come to a point where the narrowness of the valley and speed of the current make it impossible to proceed further.  At this point you must climb out of the Red Wine Valley and hike overland through the forest for 23 kilometres to the Hubbard Monument.  The climb and hike take approximately five days.  Below was my last camp on the Red Wine before the climb.

The climb out of the valley is very hard, as you go up nearly 400 metres through forest, with many deadfalls and windfalls to get around, under or over.  You need to take at least 2 litres of water with you on the climb, as you may not find streams until you are up on top.  2003 was a bad year for forest fires and you can see the smoke on the opposite side of the Red Wine Valley, in the picture below.  (Go to Page 15)

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