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Pages 1 to 3:  Introduction and History
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Pages 7 to 11:  North West River and Grand Lake
Page 12:  Naskaupi River
Pages 13 to 14:   Red Wine River
Page 15:  Red Wine Valley
Pages 16 to 18:  Highlands
Page 19:   Hubbard Monument
Page 24:  Visitors to monument.
Pages 26 to 28:  Evacuation from monument
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Innu Portage
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Useful information for canoeists and hikers

Visitors to the Monument leave their names on slips of paper in an aluminium box at the site, the box just visible in the photo below.  A plastic thermos seems to have been left by the first recorded visitors in 1973 in order for visitors to leave their names.  It became so full that a helicopter pilot, a few years later, left the watertight aluminium battery box.  It and the thermos, both packed with names, sit behind the rock slab.  The same rock slab is visible in Wallace’s photo taken in 1913 and may well have served as a table for Hubbard, Wallace and Elson’s last meal of boiled moccasin on that terrible October day in 1903.

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