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Innu Portage
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Useful information for canoeists and hikers

After a minute, the engine speed began to reduce and then two doors opened and two men dressed in uniforms got out and walked towards me over the boulders, crouching over.  They were smiling broadly and I could see the word ‘Forestry’ on their uniforms.

We shook hands and one of them said something about thinking that I would be here.  One of them introduced himself as Doug Blake and that he worked for the Forestry Department office in North West River.  Later, when I checked my list of those who had left their names in the aluminium box, I found that he had in fact travelled with Dillon Wallace III in 1977 to install the bronze plaque and had returned a number of times after.  The other forestry officer was Dean McLean.  Half of the inhabitants of North West River and Goose Bay seem to carry the surname of Blake or McLean.  Both surnames figure in the two books by Wallace and the book by Mina Hubbard.

Shortly after, the engine and rotor came to a stop and the pilot, dressed in blue, got out and joined us.  His name was Lorne Pike and he immediately went over to the monument, removed the aluminium box and wrote his name on a scrap of paper.

I was waiting impatiently for them to tell me why they had come.  Typical of the low-key Labradoreans, they took their time in finally getting around to the reason why they were there.  Finally Doug mentioned that there was a forest fire about 2 kilometres to my west.  I told him that I had noticed it when I was crossing the highlands on my way to the monument, but had not seen any sign of it or smelled any smoke as I reached the monument, and had concluded that it did not seem to be advancing. (Go to Page 28)

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