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Pages 1 to 3:  Introduction and History
Pages 4 to 6: Maps
Pages 7 to 11:  North West River and Grand Lake
Page 12:  Naskaupi River
Pages 13 to 14:   Red Wine River
Page 15:  Red Wine Valley
Pages 16 to 18:  Highlands
Page 19:   Hubbard Monument
Page 24:  Visitors to monument.
Pages 26 to 28:  Evacuation from monument
Pages 29 to 31:
Innu Portage
Pages 32 to 33:
Useful information for canoeists and hikers

Wallace recovered from severe frostbite, went on to write a best seller about their tragic trip, ‘The Lure of the Labrador Wild’, and then succeeded in making the trip from North West River to Ungava Bay in 1905.  Mina Hubbard did the same trip in 1905 by a slightly different route, in competition against Wallace and with Elson as a member of her team. 

The map to the left is from ‘My Explorations in Unknown Labrador’ by Mrs. Hubbard.  She followed the route that she felt her husband had intended to take.  Wallace followed the same route, in his trip in 1905, except for taking the Innu Portage around the rapids on the upper part of the Naskaupi.

Mrs. Hubbard had developed a hatred for Wallace, considering that he had badly treated her husband in his book, and she was determined to deny Wallace the satisfaction of being the first to complete the epic trip.  Mrs. Hubbard’s trip was unprecedented and she and her team arrived first at Ungava Bay, Wallace almost losing his life on this trip as well.  Both wrote books, respectively: ‘A Woman’s Way Through Wildest Labrador’, and ‘The Long Labrador Trail’.  These two books, plus Wallace’s first book, have fascinated those in love with adventure ever since. (Go to Page 4)


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