Kilometres 48 to 59

The picture below shows me eating my breakfast at noon along the river.It had been raining the night before and things were too wet to get a fire going in the morning, so I had to content myself with some bannock bread.Near noon I spotted a nice place to stop and quickly got a fire going with drift wood (note my handy-dandy fire shield on a rock towards the front of my canoe).In no time I was having my habitual large pot of oatmeal porridge and tea.

The worst of the portaging is past and Iím looking forward to some good runs down the river.†† However I still had to get past one more barrier at Kilometre 55 on the topographical map above (13L/7 (© CANADA 1974)).Mina Hubbard in 1905 described it as a hole in the side of a mountain pouring forth water.

It was a short but complicated portage to get around it and I ended up by camping immediately below it.It turned out to be the second night when it went below freezing.In the morning the air was much colder than the water and everything was covered in fog until the sun burnt it off.

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