Start of Canoe Trip

By the time I got everything ready to go, it was too late to make a start, so I camped for the night at the edge of Orma Lake at Kilometre 0 on the topographical map in the frame above.  The above map is 13L/3E (© CANADA 1974).

Early the next morning I paddled along the south side of the lake, heading for an apparent channel through to Marie Lake (see Kilometre 1 on the topographical map above).  Wayne in his first trip had portaged by the Naskaupi stream bed that enters the northern side of Orma Lake from Marie Lake (which you can clearly see in the topographical map) and had had a very difficult time.  Wayne and Carl thus tried the apparent passage just above the stream bed which you can see heading north west and had an equally hard time.  Wayne thus advised me to try the southern channel.  It initially looked promising.

It didn't last and things got very very hard.

I spent an entire day portaging from boulder to boulder, with a strong wind blowing my canoe from side to side as I carried it.  The boulders finally ended and I found myself following a small stream which became fully enclosed in alders.  I finally ended up pulling my fully loaded canoe down the stream under a canopy of alders.  I finally came into an open area and to my consternation saw that the stream disappeared ahead of me into the ground!  (I was not about to unzip the hood of my bug suite for the photo...the black flies were fierce!)

Happily it turned out that a 400-metre portage straight ahead took me to a pond and the pond led to Marie Lake (pictures below taken at Kilometre 4 on the topographical map above).

 I had been portaging over very tough terrain for most of 3 days.  I too bushed to go far on Marie Lake and camped on the south side at Kilometre 5 on the map above.

It rained all night and most of the next day.  I was not sorry as I needed a rest.  (I still was not exposing myself to the blackflies for the mere purpose of a photo!)

The rain stopped late in the day and I installed my spare canoe paddle for the long paddle down Marie Lake.  It replaces the "missing" second paddler and has the advantage of not eating anything!

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