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Welcome to the Paul Maillet CENTER FOR ETHICS


If you have a passion for organizational ethics and making a difference, you are invited to join our group.  We share a like-minded view of positive and constructive approaches to organizational ethics and social responsibility that reflects respect, integrity and compassion.


We have many interests; from consultant project work, to advocacy, to pro bono work.  We consult, dialogue, network, teach and we socialize.


We are a company of associates, partners, licensees, clients and friends.


If we share common values and a passion for making a difference in any way, contact us.


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Our Company Profile


“We specialize in applications of

Business, Government and Organizational Ethics



Who are we?


This is a privately owned company that specializes in providing clients with services and support in business, government or organizational ethics.  Established in 2001, this company has expertise based on the hard practical experience of developing and implementing an ethics programs in a large organizations or governments.  We believe in service, advocacy and education.


This company operates either through the principal Paul Maillet, or through associates, alliances and collaboration with other ethics practitioners and consultants for larger projects.


Our clients include various Federal Government Departments, First Nations Communities and international governments.


The concepts and techniques we employ are user friendly, cooperative and non-threatening.  We provide a variety of services including executive awareness, a tool-box, decision-making approaches, and a means of moral voice and compliance.   We tailor approaches to client needs.  We are affordable.  This is more than a business to us.  It is a way we can help others, to give something back in return for the rights and freedoms that we enjoy in liberal democratic societies.


About Paul Maillet


Paul is a specialist in the field of organizational ethics with extensive practical experience in the development and implementation of ethics strategies and programs.  He is the sole proprietor and senior principal of “Paul Maillet CENTER FOR ETHICS”.  He is a the former Director Integrity Services, and now an associate at “The Governance Network”, a company that specializes in governance development projects in international and national settings.   Paul spent four years as Director of Defence Ethics in the Canadian Department of National Defence where he was responsible for the development and implementation of the Defence Ethics Program for over 100,000 military personnel, civilians, reserves and cadets.


Paul has extensive practical experience and expertise in developing applications of organizational ethics and internal disclosure mechanisms in public sector departments, such as for Treasury Board Secretariat, Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada, PSIO, DFAIT, PWGSC, CNSC, IRB, PIPSC, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, CRA, CSPS, Auditor General, Veterans Affairs, Corrections Canada, National Research Council, First Nations and others. Paul has also provided advice and support in international ethics developmental projects, recently to Belize and Iran.


Paul has a background as a military professional, as a former Colonel in the Canadian Air Force.  During a 33-year career in the aerospace engineering classification, he obtained extensive experience in executive management, aerospace engineering, technology management, organizational ethics, capital project management, defence contracting and quality management.


Paul is a former member of the Board of Directors of Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada (EPAC) and formerly on the Ethics Committee for CCIC (Canada Council for International Cooperation).  He is on the University of Ottawa Educator’s Honour Roll 2005 for “Ethics in Governance” lectures and sessions delivered at the MBA level.  He is a former member of such ethics related associations as, Transparency International, the Ottawa Science and Technology Ethics Roundtable (OSTER), and serving as a fellow of International Institute for Practical Ethics (IIPE), the Ethics Officers Association, the Conference Board of Canada - Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Council, and a former member of the Board of Directors of US military JSCOPE (Joint Services Conference on Practical Ethics).  He has contributed to the Canadian Government Treasury Board Office of Values and Ethics, and is a former member of the Federal Co-champions Steering Committee on federal government ethics.  Paul has conducted numerous workshops, presentations and speaking engagements, and is the author of various articles, and reference material on the subject of organizational ethics.




Our Values Statement


“What we believe in!”



Our Mission Statement


1.      To contribute to the ethical conduct of governments, organizations and business.

2.      To foster ethical conduct and human rights through local, national or international opportunities

3.      To advocate the highest standards of social, economic and environmental responsibility.


Our Value Statement


·        We are committed to providing our clients with the best ethics and integrity services and support available.  We are committed to complete client satisfaction.

·        We are committed to a mutually professional relationship with our clients, a relationship that is respectful, honest, and fair. 

·        We believe in expanding governance, leadership, workplace practices and stakeholder relationships to include ethics and values.  We believe in creating supportive environments that aim to “help good people do the right thing.”

·        We believe in a healthy balance of ethics, environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

·        We believe in the human values of respect, honesty, compassion and responsibility. We will deal with all persons in a manner that respects the dignity, rights and freedoms we enjoy as a society.


Our Supporting Principles


We believe that ethics in at the individual and organizational levels is all about:


·        Doing the right thing.

·        Helping good people do the right thing.

·        Commitment to core values, honesty, fairness, respect and responsibility.

·        Being a good company to work for.

·        Being a good company to do business with.

·        Being a business that makes a responsible difference in the community.

·        A healthy organizational climate !!!


We believe that all organizations must ask themselves just how good they and their people are at understanding ethical expectations, ethical leadership, ethics awareness, dialogue, ethical decision-making, ethical relationships, social responsibility, voice and accountability.







Our Approach


“This is about helping good people do the right thing”



We understand the environment.   We believe that at the core of organizational ethical requirements is some type of structured approach to ethics, be it an ethics program or ethics strategy that directly touches the workplace.  We believe that the key to accountability and continuously achieving good business conduct requires a coherent approach to ethics.  The depth and complexity of this approach depends on the risks that exist and the size of the organization.  We appreciate the challenges faced by organizations with massive and disparate cultures to accommodate, and who work in global settings, and who do business in operational environments fraught with unique ethical dilemmas.  We understand that most work environments face the same social, diversity, fraud, harassment, conflict of interest, abuse of power and employment equity issues.


We have solutions.  Simply, we seek to orient your application of organizational ethics to ensure that all employees perform their duties in accordance with the highest ethical standards and manage their relationships in an ethical manner.  We recommend the establishment of champion, supported by a program policy and ethics office, who manages the Ethics Program with the aim of better mitigating the ethical risks inherent in the organization, and developing ways to continuously improve the ability to make ethical decisions.  We recommend a framework and processes designed to maintain and improve the level of ethical conduct, a framework that requires the active support of the entire organizational community and the demonstrated commitment by implementing authorities.  We advocate framework elements that include a clear aim, a supporting structure, processes, resources and goals.  We advocate process elements that are comprised of ethical expectations, leadership, training, behaviour and decision-making, moral voice, internal disclosure of wrongdoing, accountability, compliance, and oversight.   We believe in a strong integration with internal disclosure, Conflict Management and disciplinary systems to provide for safe reprisal-free voice options.  We believe that the heart of all ethics program activities is ethical behaviour and decision-making, which should result in a healthy balance of obeying rules and laws, seeking good consequences, the care for others and the ability to live ethical values.


We believe that, a minimum program at the working level should consist of an awareness component, a risk management component, and a dialogue and voice component.   Complementing these components should be an understanding that ethical decision-making is influenced by the values, beliefs and moral development of the individual, the intensity of the moral situation, and the ethical climate of the organization.  The greatest influence that the leadership can have is to establish a supportive climate that encourages and approves of right ethical decisions.  We believe that leaders must expand their professional abilities to include ethical risk management, conducting ethics awareness and dialogue, and being able to handle ethics inquiries or casework.


We believe that progress is continuous and long term, and in activity structured in general renewal cycles.  This may include rotating annual cycles focusing first on domestic ethics (the internal workplace), a cycle on operational ethics (the external client, community, or public focus) and a cycle on training, implementation and planning.    We believe that ethics training and awareness activity is necessary, supported by tools and techniques toolkits and handbooks.  We believe in refreshing programs through internal conferences, also by taking advantage of networking and liaison with other corporate or governmental departments, academic conferences, corporate and international resources. 






“Building integrity is about building trust”




Our company provides the full range of organizational ethics and preventing wrongdoing development and implementation services, in the wider context of strengthening governance and building integrity.

At the strategic level, we have the experience and capacity to enter an organization (or at the national level) and initially assess their ethics environment, their current progress and challenges, and respond to their needs.  We have the ability to conduct short or detailed evaluations against global or national standards, conduct high level consultations, conduct executive awareness focus sessions to gain consensus on a way forward, and assist in policy and implementation strategy development.  We can produce written policy documents and annual reports for clients.  We can conduct measurement or survey activity.

At the implementation level, we have the experience and ability to conduct activity which includes:  train the trainer activity, the development and delivery of training sessions, the development of toolkits and promotional material, develop and provide for ethics week activity, providing advice, and the setting up of ethics offices, facilitating ethics review boards and case management.

At the preventing wrongdoing level; we have the ability to design and deliver projects involving the set up internal disclosure offices and frameworks, train disclosure staff, assist with casework, and conduct organizational awareness sessions.


At the individual level, we have the ability to provide coaching or advisory support.

At a national level we are able to work to align political, public service, business sector, media, NGO, academia and civil societies with ethics voice, transparency, disclosure, conduct and accountability guidelines and aspirations.






Professional Services


“Our focus is providing practical applications of business and government organizational ethics”


Organizational Ethics


There is no doubt that integrity is the ultimate guarantor of responsible government and the honest use of public funds.  It is also the guarantor of good corporate citizenship and an emerging key to global competitiveness.   We believe in creating strategies and support mechanisms that “help good people do the right thing”.  We can help you implement global and national standards relating to integrity in governance, leadership and workplace practices.  We offer full spectrum integrity services from strategy development to implementation and training support.

Ethics Competencies and capacity development


We provide programs to develop competencies at national, organizational, executive, leader, workplace, practitioners, internal disclosure, conflict of interest and trainer levels.


Professional Services


Ethics Presentations Courses, Workshops,





Our services are supported by a variety of organizational ethics toolkits, publications and workbooks that we have developed and for which we have intellectual property rights, that cover:






We will tailor to your organizational context.






How we do business


“We make a difference.”










We have friends, associate, licensees, clients and partners.

If you wish to meet us or be associated with us, contact us ….




Joining our Company


“You have choices.”





As an associate 

Be a consultant with the Center.  Be a participant of our consulting projects in accordance with our associate agreement.  We have a training and certification process. Call us for details and a copy of the associate agreement.


As a learning associate

A limited number of volunteer learning positions are available for students or persons wanting to learn the practical aspects of organizational ethics development.  Although a non-paying association, the opportunity may arise for paying project work.


As a licensee 

Be your own consultant company.   Develop your own client base. Take advantage of our developed and tested proprietary material, training and support.  Market and conduct your own consulting projects in accordance with our licensing agreement.  Call us for details and for a copy of the licensee agreement.


As a partner

Together our capacity is greater.    Do you have a company or consultancy with shared interests or complementary capacities?  Do you wish an arms length arrangement with us?  Do you have a project we can help you with?  Perhaps we have projects that may benefit from your company and expertise? 


As a client

Can we help you?  Do we share common values?  If you wish to explore possibilities, contact us.


As a friend

For networking and socialization.  Join our mailing list and be invited to any social events typically over coffee, at various locations, discussing subjects in relation to organizational ethics, ethical relationships, and perhaps organize or assist in some pro bono projects of community or OE community benefit.  There is no cost to this, other than such as restaurant meals, if such a venue is selected.






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