Dear Potential Clients,

We would like to share with you our experience selling our house in Ottawa this year. As you may know the High Tech recession affected many in Ottawa and like many others we decided to move back to Toronto in July of Last year.

After trying to sell for 6 months with the so-called 'best listing agent' in Kanata we were deeply disappointed. We felt that we were just one more listing on her list. We received weekly reports and had many showings but there were no personal attention to our property and we didn't sense that that agent really worked with us to close a sale. Disappointed we tried Grapevine and the paper. But as we had to leave town to start our new jobs we had to decide on a Real Estate agent again.

Several Real Estate agents called and tried to get our business. We interviewed them all and the only one that we liked from the beginning was Phil Stedman. Phil didn't make big promises. He knew the reality of the market in Ottawa; he was an experienced but down to earth person. With Phil we felt like a team.

Phil told us his strategies. He took us around our neighbourhood to see other homes for sale. We sat and compared the homes to ours.  We got a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of our home. We discussed the pricing. We discussed the strategies. We discussed what he can do for us to help us sell and help us maintain the house while we were already leaving town.

Phil did all he promised and more. Phil not only showed our house, had Open House almost on a bi weekly basis. He kept an eye on the house for us. He was the one checking that the snow removers did their job. He helped keep the house shiny, he cleared the path to the entrance door during the winter. He came in periodically to check the house and gave us some good suggestions on how to rearrange furniture to make our home show better.  We worked as a team.
After each showing Phil called and Emailed with the feedback and we discussed what should be the next step. We were constantly communicating with Phil despite the long distance. 

Despite the market condition, Phil brought us offers and sold the house in a short time.  Phil negotiated well for us. We received almost our asking price and the whole sales process went very smoothly.

We hope our story helps you learn a bit more about Phil Stedman so you can make an informed decision when deciding on your real estate agent. Good Luck in your sale and purchase of a new home!

Goldie and Jacob Shabtay