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From: Robert Castagne

To: 'Philip Stedman'


I met Phil through an ad placed in my mailbox. I had been trying to sell my daughter's house through the Grapevine process and after several week of slogging it out on my own, I decided to go with a real estate agent. Phil was not the latest one to come along as anyone who has every tried to sell a house through Grapevine will readily attest. What interested me about Phil was that that unlike all the others, his fee was negotiable; he wasn't stuck at 5% like all the others.

The first listing occurred during one of the deadest part of the season for selling houses (December-January) and two offers were made but none of interest. The second listing brought us into the high season and in mid-March we got an offer with which we could work.

Phil was extremely good at negotiating a better price than the one originally offered (I couldn't believe he got the results that he did); securing a sale that was most satisfactory and, to boot, at a very reasonable cost to me which is just unbelievable considering what goes on out there today.

Phil is what used to be referred to in the old days as an honest man, true to his word and sensitive to the needs of his clients. And this, not because he is locked into a contract that says he has to, but because he wants to.

You can put your trust in Phil; he'll do you a good job and you'll like how much it's going to cost you.

Iím recommending him to all my friends.

Robert G. Castagne

613-261-2827 (Cell)