Effective Learning Workshop

This effective learning workshop deals with the traditional student problems: too much to read, how to remember what has been learned in class or from readings, how to prepare for projects, assignments and tests.

It proposes that the solutions to these problems lie in simple techniques that enable students to be self-directed, collaborative and efficient in their learning.

Built around the use of Evernote, a free cloud-based note-taking tool, this workshop explores reading, memory and note-taking fundamentals and uses a scenario-based approach to find straightforward, practical solutions to the kinds of problems that all students encounter in modern post-secondary institutions.

The workshop is offered in a number of formats, sometimes as one 6-hour session or two 3-hour sessions.

A practical handout supports each of the topics below.


  1. Your studies and your issues (scenarios)
  2. Evernote as a tool to manage your studies and your teachers
    1. Note-taking strategies using online tools
      1. Text notes
      2. Audio notes
      3. Documents from the Internet
      4. Annotation of documents
    2. Organization of notes
    3. Why collaborate (Evernote as a collaboration tool)
    4. Presenting your work (also in Evernote)
  3. Reading
    1. Fundamentals of Reading (interactive exercises)
    2. Speed reading (how to do it)
    3. Effective Reading: Read more quickly and effectively (overview strategy)
    4. Setting your own goals for your reading
    5. Applying Technology (interactive discussion)
  4. Memory and Recall
    1. Fundamentals of Memory (interactive discussion)
    2. Strategies to improve memory
    3. Managing time to ensure better retention
  5. Note-taking
    1. Taking Notes -- Fundamental issues (interactive discussion)
    2. Using Mind-mapping to improve note-taking
    3. Using Mind-mapping to develop ideas and creativity
    4. Applying Mind-mapping to textbook/article reading
    5. Applying Mind-mapping to review for tests and exams
    6. Applying Technology (interactive discussion)

Presentation Skills

The interactive delivery of the workshop fosters social learning skills: teamwork, leadership and presentation skills.

Learners need to bring their laptops, cellphones and tablets (if they have them) to this workshop.