Other Pastimes - Contents

Bikus -- that is to say, haikus composed while riding my bike

One goldfinch starts/from midsummer corn./Two.three.
leaves fall/summer bird nest's seen.

At Mud Pond

In May
green turtles look
for love


Any puddle
or ditch
is home
for a duck

yellow crab apples/fall into leaves.
Dark blue night. A shooting star.
leaves fall/summer bird nest's seen.
Dark blue night. A shooting star.

To Alymer Marina

It is so pleasant
pleasant indeed
to ride the bike path
to Alymer Marina.

Piles of clam shells
left by racoons
on the beach
in the shade


The soft curves
of young ladies' chests
through open shirts
as they
ride towards town.

On the terasse
Corona umbrellas
the band starts
to play
and salad and
the river
and calamari.

Pleasant, so
pleasant, indeed.

Coffee Break

In the college
two people talk:

His paper coffee cup
in front
he stretches back
in the fixed chair
attached to the fixed table
on the ceramic floor.

On the other side
of the little table
she doesn't have a coffee
but leans forward,
hands clasped in front
so he can
look down her shirt.


At the side
a young woman,
small, compact,
sits cross-leged
on the long bench
and smiles down under
her head scarf:
purple and brown and
hints of gold.

Her young man is lanky,
with thin black beard
running along his jaw line.

He lies on the
bench, his head in
her lap, almost,
looking up at her face.

With his fingers he
gestures, and she plays
at catching them,
as he talks.

30 May 2006

Everything is different
yet somehow it is the same.
Walking, the streets,
the stores in the evening.
Dinner, the hand, shoulder, the lips.
We are different
but yet we are the same.