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For thirty years I have been involved in teaching and, well, writing, business and technical documents:  correspondence, reports, presentations; letter writing strategies (scenario-based business writing); the basics of technical writing:  definition, description, process and instructions; formats for email, memos, letters, reports, résumés, presentations; communication strategies in business with employees, leaders and customers.  I am always interested to find new opportunities to apply this experience, so contact me if your would like to talk about something.

Writing for Education:  Examples

Learning About Writing

As I try to learn to write well, I try to focus on my sentences: they give meaning to the words and to think about the writing process. Most of my documents go through a brainstorming stage, then drafting, then revision, sometimes for specific format requirements, often as a result of feedback from my friends. I use inspiration to brainstorm, even when I'm not feeling very inspired and I still like E.B.White's essay about writing well at the end of Elements of Style. Here are some thoughts about that. Document Development Cycle


Mind Mapping


I got started with mind mapping after reading Tony Buzan's Use Your Head, and have not looked back.  As a writing teacher, I found Gabriele Rico's Writing the Natural Way very useful Now there are online tools, such as Inspiration, which was used to create the mind maps on this website, and Mindmeister, a collaborative online mind map tool with built-in mobile support and chat, which I now use when I'm planning and writing with collaborators as in this example:

If you're interested in learning how to mind-map, you may be interested in notes that I have written about taking notes:

Three Books about Writing that I find helpful

E.B.White, Elements of Style Virginia Tufte, Artful Sentences Stanley Fish, How to Write a Sentence and How to Read One

Gallery of Writing I admire (as of 15 June 2015):

Kazuo Ishiguro, When We Were Orphans Michael Frayn, Spies Claire Fuller, Our Endless Numbered Days Sofi Oskanen, When the Doves Disappeared