The Macoun Field Club's natural-history library in Ottawa, Ontario

Only current members may borrow our books; if you are not a member, try looking up the books that interest you in your local library.

Even in the information age, books have a valued place. Books are portable, require no power supply, and last a lifetime. The reliability and authority of the information between the covers can be assessed from the author's name, the publisher (or manner of printing), and the publication date. All but the most serious technical works are also personal documents, reflecting the experiences and perspective of the writer. Some people have a gift for seeing and saying things that imparts far more than mere information.

By both donations and purchases, the Macoun Field Club has gradually built up a substantial library of books on natural history, amounting to about1500 volumes. A good many are older books that others have discarded in favour of more up-to-date information. But if you seek some depth to your understanding, to learn the history of knowledge, and to discover just how differently people looked at things even a few decades ago, these books will tell you much.

Many have been carefully indexed by volunteers. Each entry tells you how much information there is (a few pages, or a whole chapter), how old it is, and both the author and the title. The end of each listing gives the library section (e.g., GEN for General) and the first three letters of the author's name. Macoun members in good standing are able to submit requests to the club's leaders for the books that hold the subjects of interest to them, as the library is now housed in the homes of two Macoun Club leaders.

We have a few books in French.

Click here for the index sections: /Aardvark to Arctic Coast/ /Arctic Insects to Bird houses/ /Bird Injures to Carcajou/ /Cardinals to Coral Reef Life/ /Crayfish to Dutch Elm Disease/ /Dutch Elm to Fisher/ /Fisher to Gliders/ /Global to Imprinting/ /Indian Ocean to Lynx/ /Macaque to Monkey/ /Musk-ox to Octopus/ /Oil to Plant/ /Poplar to Rhinoceros/ /Rice to Sleep/ /Sleep to Sweetfern/ /Swiftlets to Voyage/ /Waterfowl to Zorro/