Study Area Map

Our map of the Macoun Field Club's Nature Study Area

This map has been developed out of the series of vegetation maps that Macoun Club members began drawing up in 1972. Though dated 2008, it was updated in 2012. Our Study Area covers about 800 acres, or 300 hectares, within Ottawa's western Greenbelt (Stony Swamp).

Macoun study area map

Important features revealed by this map:

  1. The straight boundaries
  2. The wetlands
  3. The sometimes straight divisions within the area
  4. The often irregular divisions between vegetation types
  5. Where the Study Trees are, in the west
  6. The observation dock on the big pond, part of the Sarsaparilla Trail

What these features mean

All photos donated or provided by members and leaders, past and present. Revised July 20, 2013.