Hello, my name is Robert Geoffrey Wood. I'm an electronics engineer and design all nature of products.  Below is a resume of my professional capabilities.  Modern design techniques allow for a considerable flexibility in work and employment conditions and I am always open to ideas. Should  you be interested, you can e-mail me. If you need electronic product design, I'm your man.


The above photo is of me on a diving trip off Kingston, Ontario. Behind me is a training schooner based in Kingston and behind that is old Fort Henry, dating back from the war of 1812.

At my present employer, SpaceBridge Semiconductor Corporation , I have developed a couple of deep sub-micron designs; devices for satellite modems and am now developing board and system level products based upon these chips.


Market research
Business planning
Product analysis
Product development
System design
Chip development - COTS and  ASIC flow
CAD tools
ATM and ethernet switching
Voice and data
Image processing
Aerospace engineering
Control systems
Tools used:
Silicon Compiler's silicon compiler
Verilog, VHDL simulators
Synopsys &  Synplicity synthesis tools
Silicon Persepective's First Encounter
Synopsys Physical & BSD compilers
Cadence Clocktree Gen
Silicon Ensemble
Formal analysis tools
Several ASIC vendors' tool sets
Most schematic capture tools
Most FPGA tools
Deep sub-micron CMOS
FPGA and all other programmable logic
All logic families
Most processors
Technical areas:
Digital wireless technologies
High rel & military & aerospace
Redundant systems
Video & image processing
Voice over IP
IP multicasting
Modem signal processing
Ethernet switches
ATM switches & transmission
Processor design
Computer system architecture
Control systems - gas turbine and diesel controllers, avionics, coal mine automation, Canadarm for space station,

I am also a PADI Dive Master #207016.