Time To Put My Socks On



Time To Put My Socks On is a comedy-drama which explores masculinity, romance, power and control. The story centres on a relationship between a disabled male <Alan> and a nondisabled female <Linda>. This solo show is told from Alan's point of view and is drawn from the lived experience of disability.

A year ago Alan impressed Linda, dragging his walker and himself up two flights of stairs to dance with her. In the sequel to Still Waiting for that Special Bus , Linda wants to talk about love, sex, passion and where to put the couch. Will Alan impress her now?

Alan knows that Linda wants to talk about the next step, about living together. But there is a problem. Alan only wears white tube socks. Linda has a thing for designer socks, and so Alan complains “Two months into our relationship, Linda was already throwing out my socks!”

He is afraid of losing complete control over his own socks – and his independence. Can Alan balance his own fears and insecurities with his love and desire for Linda?

Disability is often explored outside of other experiences, such as falling in love, merging one's life with another person and contemplating the raising of a family. It is assumed that disability radically changes and even erases these types of hopes, dreams and desires. “...Socks” strives to smash common stereotypes that disabled people don't have mature, sexual relationships, nor should they want them.

On a deeper level, this solo comedy-drama uses “disability” to explore love and relationships. Alan and Linda's struggles are framed in terms of the power dynamics shared by most couples. Alan responds to certain dilemmas and frustrations as a typical male within this culture, preferring to solve problems once and for all. Linda understands that tensions and dilemmas form the texture and backbone of a relationship, and that working through them builds trust and confidence. Can Alan balance his own needs with those of Linda?

“...Socks” was presented over 4 nights at the EPCOR centre for the Performing Arts in Calgary, Alberta as part of the Balancing Acts festival, December 2006. The show is undergoing further development and will be presented by the Fourth Stage at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa , Canada in February 2008. The goal is to tour “...Socks” to Canadian and foreign theatres, festivals and Disability Arts festivals.


Still Waiting for that Special Bus

Alan's first 1-person play, entitled Still Waiting for that Special Bus, is a compelling semi-autobiographical story that is centred around a guy who simply wants to go out on a date. However, he has to wait for the Accessible Bus to pick him up. The longer Alan waits for his bus, the more he fantasizes - is she going to be the woman of his dreams, or is she going to be the woman of his worst nightmare? There is only one way to find this out, and that requires his bus to show up.

Still Waiting for that Special Bus has toured extensively across North America and Australia to critical acclaim.

"The work is suspenseful and funny ... a simple tale but it has that lived quality and the pain behind the humour is very real."
Keith Gallaech, Real Time, Australia

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