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About the nature and objectives of the project, cj wrote:

      The nature of the project is to show how a sculptor develops concepts and then works with diverse teams to realize complex projects.   The children will learn that many processes, people and ways of communicating are necessary.  They will learn that heavy equipment, hardware stores, scientists, carpenters, computer programmers, surveyors and the landscape (built and natural) can be part of cultural work.  They will be introduced to the 'behind the scenes' stages of creating and installing 'big art'.   Through 'hands-on' activities, they will gain experience with the singular and group processes required to integrate public art into their communal space - the Wakefield School.

      The objective of the project is threefold:

      To sensitize the children to various public art forms.

      To integrate the use of French language into the activity.

      To share the project by documenting it on the school web page.

Planning in Concertation

The concept for the pilot project and the best methods for collaboration within the existing school framework  were developed in concertation with the  principal, and the Art and French teachers with the support of the school orientation committee.  Project outlines were distributed to every teacher.

      "The ‘Concertation artist in the school project at Wakefield School was a huge success for the most part because the artist’s vision and that of the school population were ‘in sync’  and complimentary.   This was done by using a collaborative approach where by consensus provides the final draft." Bill Dolan, Principal

The "Project Studio" - The Artist's Space on School Grounds

A 'project studio' was set up in the Outdoor Center on Wakefield School grounds, with photos, working drawings and models from past projects, an arts library, materials and work areas.  All classes, with their teachers, visited this new space, where the artist gave a 45 minute introduction to the ideas of art in architecture and environment,  explained the upcoming projects, and how they could be involved.   Teachers were encouraged to integrate the discussion of culture, art and architecture into their classes and given a handout with sample exercises.   Following that, letters sent home to all the parents intoduced the project, and invited their participation.

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