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  1. The Khmer fonts you are about to download for the purpose of viewing, and printing the document ONLY. If you want to use the fonts for writing, you must buy them from venders listed below. You can find many other Khmer fonts on the Resource Page.
  2. The Khmer Fonts Venders disclaim all other warranties and shall be no liability for consequential damages arising from the use of these fonts. Please click here to view fonts sample from two vendors. Click here for tips on Khmer Writing in Microsoft Word

Macintosh Fonts: Khek Fonts for OSX Download

Auto Instal: Select Khek Brothers Fonts or Khmer Fonts; Self-Instal: Select Khek Brothers Fonts or Khmer Fonts .You can purchase Khmer fonts or Khek Brothers fonts directly from their sites from links below.

Khek Brothers Fonts
(Khek Anlongvill, Khek Battambang, Khek Sambot, Khek Samreth, Khek Sangker, Khek Sovannak, and Khek Wat Sanger).
The Khek Brothers fonts are available in both PC and Mac formats, using the same keyboard layout.

Khmer Fonts: 
(Bakprea New, Ekreach New, Lumphat New, and Kasskeo New). 
The vender has developed many new fonts, including a complete Electronic English-Khmer and Khmer-Khmer Dictionary.


  1. Download and click Run or Save on Desktop.
  2. Double click the program icon to instal.
  3. You may need to restart your computer if fonts not showing up.

  1. Download and Save file on Desktop.
  2.  Double click on the program icon to open the Aladdin Expander.
  3. Select (Copy) All and drag into the System Folder