Maximize Your Income Tax Return With Confidence!

You may save a little now but you might lose a lot if you don't do it right. I am here to help you year after year, not just only during the tax season.

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I promise to deliver you my professional quality of personbal income tax preparation at the rock bottom price in the Ottawa-Hull area. You will not pay too much for having your income tax returns prepared. Unlike other competitors, I am always here to help you year after year with your question or re-assessment. If you need your refund right a way, you can get it quickly with Advanced Refund (Cash Back).

SARY.CA SERVICES is a home based business of filing income tax returns. It is registered to operate business in the province of Ontario and with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as an Electronic Filer (E-Filer) in 1996, and the Tax Discounter in 1999. The home based operation enables me to pass the savings to you. Check it out, and you will experience the difference! You can view my Revenue Canada Certificate of appreciation.

Trust the friendly person who has the experience over 30 years in personal income tax preparation. I started this as a volunteer in the community, helping people to file their income tax returns since 1986. Everything was done by hands. In 1993, the WinTax became available for personal use and later on I switched to QuickTax Pro, and currently using the ProFile Professional. With helps from the Robertson & Hills chartered accountant, I learned throughout the years on the income tax preparation. My goal is to help people avoid paying too much for having their returns prepared, and do it correctly.

Prices Ontario Residents:
Regular Personal Returns $45 including HST (Maximum 3 Slips)

COVID-19 ALERT: We are practicing the Social Distancing by doing income tax returns remotely. Everything will be encripted by password to protect person information. No direct contact.

Updated: April 10, 2020