Providing Khmer Translation Services in PC & Mac Operating Systems>

Khmer typesetting should not be done by an English person or anyone who cannot read Khmer. Please be aware that Khmer document cannot be opened safely between PC & Mac except the PDF and EPS. Each font vendor has different codes to produce character which resulted are not compatible with each others.

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SARY.CA SERVICES is an independent Cambodian (Khmer) translator. Khmer translation & Desktop Plublishing (DTP) can be provided at the same time. I can deliver these services at reasonable prices. Finding cheaper translator might be easy, but finding the right person who is able to complete your tasks whether in PC or Mac platform would be difficult. I believe that quality, reliability, and competent are the keys of business success. Out-sourcing to translators in native country may not get quality of translation because they do not live in North America. This may result in losing your clients in the future.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! The turn-around time is quick and never exceeds the time frame. To ensure the quick turn-around with professional quality, an independent editor is provided and is included in prices. 

The translation document can be provided in both platforms (PC & Mac), with variety of applications such as QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. For sample of typesetting, please click here. You also can view samples of Desk Top Publishing in Khmer or in English version. Please be sure to provide the word count and specify the platform when requesting Khmer translation. Otherwise, it will be provided in Windows platform.

Note: The name of the country has been changed many times in the past three decades. Today the country is known as Cambodia in English or Cambodge in French, and the people are called Cambodians. However, the Cambodian people prefer to be called Khmer which (referring to the greatness and unity) as it is their original name, and language is Khmer. The country is known to Khmers as Kampuchea or Srok Khmer rather Cambodia. On the contrary, Cambodia is well known to the world community. If you want to know more about Cambodia, please click here.