Deep River Astronomy Club

Minutes of the 1997 January 11 meeting;

Present: Lou Cox, Harry Adams, Charles Langlais, Sara Carlisle, Warren Scott, Richard Richardson, Lyall Johnson, Tom Alburger and Ric Surette.

Those persons who did not pay any attention to the weather report or for whatever reasons decided they needed a night out were treated to a wonderful opportunity to gaze at the stars. Call it perfect planning or what, but the weather, although cold, gave us clear skies from about 8:00 PM until 11:00PM.

Lou Cox opened up his dome and pointed his newly upgraded (silvered mirror) C14 scope to a variety of objects including; M1 - the Crab Nebula, M35 and M41 - two open clusters, M41 -the Orion Nebula, and NGC488 - a distant galaxy. We all took turns peering down and AHing and OOhing. Some members braved the "cool" evening air and gazed at the sky with binoculars or with the unaided eye. A good pair of 11x80 binoculars give an amazing view of the Andromeda Galaxy. Thanks Lou.

Members brought hot drinks and goodies to help us keep warm. During the "warm up" times, we had some discussions on the benefit of various filters (nebula, planetary, etc.) for improving the contrast of objects. The general consensus was that these are not necessary at this time. A continuation of a discussion on adaptive optics was presented. Sky News had an article on the setup for the France-Canada-Hawaii telescope. This devise is aimed at a known star or galaxy in the field of view and adjusts the picture match the image for best fit.

In retrospect, what appeared may end up being a social turned into a great view...the socializing was great also. Other than minor problem encountered by T.A., it was a great evening.

Ric Surette