Minutes of the 1997 November 6th meeting at LongShots in Deep River.

Members present:


AAVSO update:

Lou reported that a new super nova, with magnitude 15.0, has been discovered by Masakatsu Aoki from Toyama, Japan, on November 02.


Richard R. stated that some investigations of rocks on Mars indicate the presence of water. These are similar to formations found on earth (sedimentary, conglomerate, etc.). Also local, to Mars, pebbles have signs of slow water erosion. A weak magnetic field, about 1/20th that of the earth, has been detected. This may indicate the remnants of a liquid core. The combination of the convection of ions and a spinning motion generates a magnetic fields in much the same way a dynamo does.


There was some re-visited discussion on the origin of the earth's moon. One hypothesis is that it is a result of a glancing collision with a Mars size planet/asteroid. The moon's composition is similar to that of the earth's and in the same proportions. It is believed that the moon's gravity is too weak to have accreted the heavy elements from the primordial soup before these were swept by the heavier planets. This chunk off the old block theory can also account for the odd orbit and slow revolution rate (28 days, same as the orbit around the earth).


The club telescope is now residing in a neutral zone, in the Adams Building (storage building at the yacht club). Currently Ric Surette, Richard Richardson, Richard Birchal, and Lou Cox have keys. Please contact these individuals if you would like to use the scope.

Next meeting:

The next meeting will be on 1997 December 4, Thursday, at Tony Waker's on Tamarac.

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