Deep River Astronomy Club

Minutes of DRACO Meeting 1997 September 04

94 Glendale Ave., Deep River


Lou Cox (Chairman), Charles Langlais, Tom Alburger, Richard Birchall, Bob Howard, Harry Adams, Richard Richardson, Sara Carlisle, Bernie Surette (Secretary), Lyall Johnson, Ric Surette.



Lou Cox assumes the position of President

Ric Surette was elected as Vice-President

Harry Adams elected as Treasurer

Richard Birchall, Richard Richardson and Bernie Surette agreed to share secretarial duties.



The membership fee remains at $20/person and $30/family. Fees will be collected at the next meeting. Harry Adams will prepare membership cards.

Charles Langlais announced he has negotiated the use of the D.R. Yacht and Tennis Club Log Cabin for storage of the DRACO telescope for a fee of $50/year. He moved we accept this arrangement: motion carried. He will also arrange for keys to be distributed to the executive members. Ric Surette and Warren Scott will build a simple protective cabinet for the telescope.

Harry Adams agreed to make a simple red light, using LEDs, for use with the club telescope.



Richard Richardson described a recent article on the large ocean of Europa, a moon of Jupiter. It is apparently the deepest ocean recorded in the solar system. The group talked about seeing the moons of Jupiter moving, especially of watching the shadows move across the planet itself. It seems about 100x is good for viewing (18 mm eyepiece with the club telescope).


Club members went out and viewed Jupiter, the Ring Nebula and the Dumbbell Nebula with the club telescope.



The next meeting is scheduled for 1997 October 02 at Bob and Yvonne Howard’s.

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