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Here are two photos of Hale-Bopp taken at Lou Cox's Observatory on Josie Lane on 1997 April 02.

The photos are both taken with a Nikon 401x and 50 mm f2.8 lens; exposure of about 2 minutes on Kodak Royal Gold 1000 film.

The Nikon 401x has some features that make it rather good for this type of picture: with the shutter dial set to "T", depressing the button initiates mirror lock up. Then when the button is released, the shutter opens... but only after a brief delay of about 2 sec. The shutter remains open and the red light blinks at a convenient 1/sec rate until the button is depressed again to close the shutter.

These features avoid the need for a shutter release cable, reduce camera shake and provide an easy way to count your exposure time.

The first photo was taken with a barn-door tracker belonging to Harry Adams, the second without. Scanned in with a HP Deskscan.

Photographs B. Surette 1997

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