2007 BEST WATER SPEED: 56.9 KM/H (Steve Slaby)

2008 BEST SNOW SPEED: 88.3 KM/H (Peter Williamson)

2008 BEST WATER SPEED: 57.8 (Scott MacDonald)

2008 Results

Alexandre Dumond, the youth development link for Windsurfing Canada is working on development and an official structure for students and coaches (like the CYA sailing levels). He's also managed to score a sweet prize that will be awarded to the fastest windsurfer on the Ottawa River!
Got speed? The inaugural KA Windsurfing Speed Challenge is on and you don't even need to own your own GPS. If you windsurf in Ottawa simply stop by the Nepean Sailing School, pick up one of our GPS units and hit the water! You and and a buddy who can confirm the speed will each send a confirmation email to alexandre_dumond@hotmail.com and you'll get put on the ladder. It's that easy! There'll also be a sweet KA Sails prize for the top speed!

Name Equipment Speed
Filip Liszkowski  Starboard Hypersonic and 6.0 Retro 72.6 km/h
Scott MacDonald 4.5 and JP Slalom board 57.8 km/h
Steve Slaby Roberts Course Slalom 6.5 Gaastra GTX 54.1 km/h
Peter Williamson 12M Waroo, PW Custom 51.9 km/h
Steve Slaby 91L JP Freestyle Wave and 6.5 Gaastra GTX 47.7 km/h
Mike Heeringa 12m Cabrinha Omega HD - 139 Best Spark Board 43.3 km/h
Mike Heeringa 16m Cabrinha SwitchBlade2 - 139 Best Spark Board 37 km/h

Name Equipment Speed
Peter Williamson big skis / 7W kite 88.3 km/h
Peter Williamson snowboard 72.1 km/h
Brent Schmidt big skis 65 km/h
Mike big skis 63.8 km/h
Steve Slaby medium skis 61.3 km/h
Jon Newman medium skis




2007 Results
Name Equipment Speed
Steve Slaby (1ST PLACE) 91L JP Freestyle Wave and 6.5 Gaastra GTX 56.9 km/h
Scott  MacDonald (2ND PLACE)
JP Slalom II 84L with a 30 cm fin and Sailworks Hucker 5.6.
Scott  MacDonald
JP Slalom II 84L with a 30 cm fin and Sailworks Hucker 5.6.
Peter Williamson (3RD PLACE)
JP FSW 78L, Revo 4.8

54.6 km/h

Rick Collins (4TH PLACE)
Mistral Flow (80 litre wave board that was a submarine in many lulls)
11" MFC Some-weed
5.5 Sailworks Retro
53.4km/h (recorded on my Foretrex 201, 2-second intervals)

Scott  MacDonald 105L Hypersonic, 32cm fin, and a KA Koncept 6.6 51.9 km/h
Steve Slaby 120L Wind Obsession Chill; Windwing Synthesis 7.5 50.4 km/h
Rick Collins
Neil Pryde RSX and 9.6
49.7 km/h
Sandy (5TH PLACE)
NP 6.5 Expression, Quatro 95L freestyle wave 46 km/h
Marc Levasseur (6TH PLACE)

August 25, Tiga free carve 256, Maui persuit 7.0, Select antiweed 39 cm 44.7 km/hr

Steve Slaby
Starboard F-Type 158, Retro 10.5
40.8 km/h
Ezzy Infinity 8.5 , Starboard Carve 133 40.6 km/h
Mario (8TH PLACE)
33 km/h

For comparison not part of competition
Name Equipment Speed
Steve Slaby Hobie 18 catamaran; 14km/h winds 28.6 km/h

2006 Results

NameDate/ Equipment Speed
Scott  MacDonald Starboard Hypersonic 103; Windwing Hammer 7.649.8 km/h
Steve Slaby Hifly Free 272; Windwing Synthesis 7.5 43.6 km/h

2000 Results   

Name Date/ Equipment Speed
Adam Patterson September 17, 1999; Bic 278 Veloce, Neil Pryde 5.4 NR 50.2 km/h
Steve Slaby September 17, 1999; Bic 298 Veloce, Eclipse 6.0 36.7 km/h
Steve Slaby October 16, 1999; 1993 Equipe Race, Katana 8.5 43.9 km/h
Steve Slaby October 9, 1999; 1986 Mistral Equipe, 1996 Katana 8.5 40.3 km/h
Steve Slaby September 11, 1999; 1993 Equipe Race, Katana 8.5 38.7 km/h
Steve Slaby August 28, 1999; 1986 Mistral Equipe, 1996 Katana 8.5 35 km/h

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