Board Repair

  • Brian Perkins, 613-389-9494 in Kingston highly reccomended by Mike Fischer)
  • Anyone know of someone in Ottawa ??

Sail Repair

  • Doyle Ottawa Sail Makers, 832-3456
  • Brebner Manufacturing & Repairs Inc 613-729-8178 (near Britannia)

Wetsuit / Harness Repairs / Board Straps

If you are looking for a functional repair, I can fix most neoprene items (have done ankle/wrist latex seals on drysuits). I can also fix damaged harnesses, or anything that requires re-stitching. If you are looking for custom hold-down straps for your equipment I can make those using climber's webbing and ancra buckles (push with thumb to release).  Steve Slaby, 225-6834

Windsurfing Instruction

Mr. Joe's Boardsailing Academy,  613-221-9453  email:

Instructors:  Joe Finisterre, CYA certified, Dave Luck, CYA certified

Lesson Programs

Three-hour introductory lesson: $75.00
    Lesson package (2 three-hour lessons, maximum 2 persons per class): $140.00
    Private lessons: $35/hour

High-wind clinics and special workshops are also available. Call for more information.

Local Stores

Stores within reasonable proximity

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