Day 2: Tuesday, 22 May, 1984

Got up in good time and went to town (unloaded) after a good breakfast. I couldn't find the CUSO staff person, but I saw the provincial museum (top notch) and had a Roger's Chocolate. Amazing thing.

I returned to Auntie Jessie and Uncle Bob's, had lunch, and packed up. Decided to skip Malahat Mountain and take the Mill Bay ferry instead. So I had a lovely ride to the ferry and made it with ten minutes to spare.

From the ferry I rode straight to Nanaimo almost non-stop. A bit wet in spots, but I expected that. I felt tired and very hungry by the end of it. It was really nice to pull up at the Doug and Sue C.'s house [former CUSO Botswana volunteers when our family was there]. Have had a good visit with them so far.

Victoria to Nanaimo, B.C.
Trip Odometer: 142.1 km
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