Day 3: Wednesday, 23 May, 1984

Up before eight today and went downtown. Saw the guy at the Nanaimo Times, but no real bite on a story. Got some snack food for riding--I didn't have enough yesterday; bad mistake. Got some fluorescent tape and the right washers to fix a fender. Then I fixed the fender, packed up, and said goodbye to the Cs.

Wandered around a goodly amount before getting on the highway--added 15 km, but it was nice and sunny and very enjoyable. Then headed for the "hump."

Good weather till Cameron Lake and then I had this last big climb and a wet ride into Port Alberni. Found the office of Victor C. [CUSO connection of Dad's] and got directions to his house and rode out there. Had a great meal. He and his fiancee are really good people.

Nanaimo to Port Alberni, B.C.
Trip Odometer: 262.5 km
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