Day 6: Saturday, 26 May, 1984

Awoke for breakfast. Everyone took off just after nine. Got another pledge from a fellow guest. Hung around for a while.

Eventually rode to Port Alberni and got a knee brace and food. No rain--glorious sun all day.

At Cathedral Grove I helped a motorist with a leaking coolant system by lending my water container. Cyclist helps motorist, hoping for future reciprocation.

The knee brace helped and I made it to Nanaimo at seven o'clock (met Victor C. and Betty on the road and said goodbye again). Got my own supper and did dishes. All the Cs are out. Have called Erik K. [former classmate from Waterloo] in North Vancouver. Sounds promising.

Port Alberni to Nanaimo, B.C.
Trip Odometer: 560.2 km
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