Day 13: Saturday, 2 June, 1984

Got up and caught some rays as I was having breakfast and packing up. It was another terrific day.

I called home at one point and learned from Elaine [my sister] that the three kids were going to P.'s for a barbecue. A while after that I rode past this rock with about 25 people on top of it having a party. They tossed me down a Kokanee [beer] and I drank it and climbed up.

Stayed there for a while and got some addresses and stuff and was invited to stay in Revelstoke. So I rode on. Made a call to P.'s and surprised them [the Ps and my sibs].

Rode into Revelstoke and eventually found the people's place. Sat and drank Kokanee and watched MTV and went to bed around 12:30. Party in the middle of the night so sleep was a bit interrupted.

Enderby to Revelstoke, B.C.
Trip Odometer: 1,305.5 km
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